Nootropics – Science Fiction or Reality?

Eddie Morra was an unproductive, unmotivated, stressed writer whose seemingly pointless and unhappy life was going nowhere. However, moments after swallowing the designer drug NZT-48, his life radically changed. Suddenly, he was able to learn faster, solve complex problems and recall endless memories and details. Or, as Eddie put it, “I was blind; now I see. I wasn’t high, wasn’t wired; just clear. I knew what I needed to do, and how to do it.”  Of course, Eddie Morra is a fictional character, played by Bradley Cooper in the 2011 thriller Limitless.

However, there are very-real solutions available.

The information age is upon us. Our world is increasingly competitive, skills based and socially interactive. One of the key’s to success is our ability to enhance and leverage the technological and pharmacological advances we have made. Moreover, our memories, in many ways, define us as individuals.

You want to improve your mental functions  – your attention, mood, memory, intelligence, motivation and concentration. You may need to pass important exams, negotiate an important deal, or improve your failing memory. Many nootropics or “smart drugs” are now available to enhance cognitive ability. The shelves of health-food stores are lined with pills that offer to improve everything  – from your IQ score – to your memory. But which ones provide the key to a new level of performance and which ones are just snake oil? That’s something we will explore in future posts.

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